Working on a Martha Stewart “Store-in-a-Store”

One of Ardent's Senior Project Manager assists in the machine set-ups of extruding parts for the Martha Stewart Home Office aisle.

This fall, we’ve been working overtime at Ardent with a number of very exciting projects. One of the staff favorites is the designing and manufacturing of the “store-in-a-store” presence of Martha Stewart’s new Home Office line in Staples retailers nationwide.

Through intensive work and cooperation across the design and production departments, we’ve designed an entire aisle to showcase the new Martha products in 1,500 Staples stores. We’ve also coordinated materials from 9 manufacturing sites, and are currently shipping 200 trucks worth of displays!

One of Ardent’s Senior Project Managers, pictured above, has shown some serious grace under pressure while managing the huge roll-out. I spoke with him recently about how he maintains his cool while overseeing major projects. He told me his trick is to “continually focus on the end goal– just remember that these are all necessary steps to producing the best display for the product.”

He was sighted shortly after doing a victory dance in  the office after the first truckload of displays was shipped out. Grace under pressure, indeed.



One Comment on “Working on a Martha Stewart “Store-in-a-Store””

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