More News on Martha!

The Martha Stewart & Avery home office line has launched! As you may remember from an earlier post on this project (read about it here), Ardent was chosen to design and manufacture custom gondolas for Martha Stewart and Avery’s new line of home office goods in over 1,450 Staples stores. Throughout November, December, and January, we’ve been designing, manufacturing (in 18 factories!), shipping, and providing 24-hour assistance to the installers across the country putting this display together.

Well, it looks like all of our hard work has paid off. This week, I was lucky enough to attend the press event for Martha’s line in Staples’ Manhattan flagship store. The event was beautiful:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

True to the good taste of Martha’s team, the event featured sparkling cider with freshly cut pineapple, goodie bags, and bouquets of red carnations. Staples president Demos Parneros and Avery-Dennison VP Timothy Bond were also at the event, giving speeches and admiring the product line.

We received great compliments on the gondola, as well as the signage (Ardent printed the banners for the product launch), but the most flattering moment of all was seeing Martha next to our display! (Check out the final photo from the Associated Press.)

She even signed some Ardent baseball caps:

We definitely think this project is a “good thing.”



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